A Quick Update to my Followers

14 Sep

I know that many of you wish I still blogged on a regular basis, but due to various circumstances, like school and health problems, I am not able to blog as much as I used to.  Nevertheless, there will be new posts when I get a spare moment and you can always check my Twitter account for up-to-the-minute tennis updates at Tennis_News.  Just to let you know, my schedule for the next few weeks looks something like this:

Late this week/early next week: Photos from the U.S. Open from wTennisPhotos (http://www.wtennisphotos.com)

Next week: Players to watch in the fall tennis season and who has the best chance of making it to the Tour Championships on both the WTA and ATP.

Later this month: A recap of the U.S. Open and a preview of the remainder of the season. 

Before the Beijing event: An all-inclusive preview of the last big WTA event of the season before Doha.

Before the Shanghai and Paris Masters: Previews of the draws and players with the best oppurtunities of advancing to the finals. 

Following the Tour Championsips: The season in review.

Please contact me at tennisnewsnow@gmail.com if you have any questions or requests for my blog over the next few months.  Enjoy!


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